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Kendall is a Parisian-American Evolutionary Astrologer, Transpersonal Counselor & Art Worshiper, who has { linked } her three fields of genius to offer custom natal chart commissions like no one else from the halls of museums around the world.

This type of natal chart reading is an invention in style, like from Classical to Impressionism.


 Upon booking, Kendall analyzes your natal chart, then visits exhibits in Europe (or wherever she's traveling at the moment) to choose masterpieces that correspond to your subconscious patterns. Lastly, she designs your custom charts with 12 pieces presented to you during your 1-on-1 session to help express your myth. It's a FULL presentation.

Any astrologer or seer you will ever consult is filtering through their lens of experience, their intelligence, their subconscious programming and their proximity (or not) to the collective unconscious. Well, this is Kendall's filter. Her lens is art from around the world, philosophy from multiple epochs, poetry & literature from a wide range of creeds and languages and psychological theory. She blends one's energetic pattern with masters, prodigies, geniuses, to deliver a version of a client's soul’s expression through her custom chart format.

Nothing in the world has captivated her more than each soul she's ever met. She has an obsession with the minds of others & a compulsion to nurture the shadows within that prevent others from living their story and embodying their truth, their radiant, inner light.

She is slitting herself and all she loves open to merge you with myths, stars, epics, painting and sculpture; the most precise portals to truth she's ever been able to find.


She can’t wait to spread you across her canvas!


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